Gift of Light

"Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile."



It has been a while

It has been a while since I wrote... It has been a while since my parents fought.... It has been a while since I felt so hurt from his words... A few months ago the fight that changed my life... Continue Reading →

Through the eyes of their daughter…

I was watching this video of a woman sharing her story as a survivor. It had me thinking... Although I feel I am in the process of healing and moving on I question myself if the verbal abuse I went... Continue Reading →

Make a Difference Instead

We all have a story. Either bad, good, easy or challenging. There has been something in our life that has put us where we are right here and right now. I sit and reflect where I am and I'm struggling... Continue Reading →

Grieve,Support, Love,Pain,Heal …Option B

So I am supposed to be ¬†working on my homework but I don't want to forget these thoughts... So I follow Ellen Degeneres and all the lives she has touched today she had Sheryl Sandberg share her story and her... Continue Reading →

To Mourn but to Realize

He called me the other night and texted me today I feel he is beginning to realize. It is sad to say we lost my uncle in a way that will scar our family. My dad reached out to me... Continue Reading →


I received a text from my dad saying he loved me. I didn't lie I responded I loved him back. But I have a feeling just with that text message he thinks he and I are fine. My sister told... Continue Reading →

Of course it’s my fault

He questions why I don't contact him to say hi...he talks shit about how I distanced myself. The crazy thing...HE pushed me away. I didn't just wake up one morning and just think to distance myself from my own dad.... Continue Reading →

Ending the Cycle

Happy International Woman day... To all the woman out there and to all the woman in my life. We are strong, we are smart, we are amazing in EVERY WAY. I come from a Mexican strong traditional family background. I... Continue Reading →

It’s Possible and YOU are NOT Alone

We left our session and I can share relief. Although I have shared my story to close and loved ones to hear it from another person I feel relief. You know we enter this world recognizing these faces we grow... Continue Reading →

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