Gift of Light

"Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile."




8 months and numb. I remember everything as if it was yesterday. I remember the pain as if it were yesterday. I feel numb.  No tears. No smiles. Just numb. I have a life ahead of me and it is... Continue Reading →

It has been a while

It has been a while since I wrote... It has been a while since my parents fought.... It has been a while since I felt so hurt from his words... A few months ago the fight that changed my life... Continue Reading →

Post Traumatic Growth

I can share I suffered from a trauma that hurt me emotionally. It lead me to break and mourn and almost led me to give up. I was already at the point in life where I put all my hard... Continue Reading →

Through the eyes of their daughter…

I was watching this video of a woman sharing her story as a survivor. It had me thinking... Although I feel I am in the process of healing and moving on I question myself if the verbal abuse I went... Continue Reading →

Grieve,Support, Love,Pain,Heal …Option B

So I am supposed to be ¬†working on my homework but I don't want to forget these thoughts... So I follow Ellen Degeneres and all the lives she has touched today she had Sheryl Sandberg share her story and her... Continue Reading →

To Mourn but to Realize

He called me the other night and texted me today I feel he is beginning to realize. It is sad to say we lost my uncle in a way that will scar our family. My dad reached out to me... Continue Reading →

Taking Control of Your Story

Things that we go through can be taken two different routes we can let it bring us down or make something of it.   I chose to make my past and turn my healing into my road to success. I... Continue Reading →


Some people may have a time in their life when they know they come across somebody and saying no can be hard. Especially when it's someone you love deeply. I have came to an understanding that when I love someone... Continue Reading →

Sorry won’t always Work

I wanted to share this metaphor¬†my therapist showed me that summarized my feelings. Imagine a fence in front of you. No cracks, no dents, nothing just a nice fence. Imagine a person grabbing a nail and hammering it into this... Continue Reading →

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