Gift of Light

"Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile."




I've been hurt mulitiple times by him. Mentally I have thrown flags with the pain he has given.  Just then I get notified he is in the hospital for heart failure... Before this pain I was the one who rushed... Continue Reading →

Where to?

I feel it has been a while since I have written... new school, work, deadlines, more hours sometimes I debate what would be better more hours in a day or more days of the week. Well anyways..this quote.. something happened... Continue Reading →

And so their daughter broke

It has taken me hours, days and months. It has been hard to identify my feelings. Before I continue I would like to share I have been chasing my dreams and kicking ass at it too. Anyways... There have been... Continue Reading →

Make a Difference Instead

We all have a story. Either bad, good, easy or challenging. There has been something in our life that has put us where we are right here and right now. I sit and reflect where I am and I'm struggling... Continue Reading →

Grieve,Support, Love,Pain,Heal …Option B

So I am supposed to be ¬†working on my homework but I don't want to forget these thoughts... So I follow Ellen Degeneres and all the lives she has touched today she had Sheryl Sandberg share her story and her... Continue Reading →


I received a text from my dad saying he loved me. I didn't lie I responded I loved him back. But I have a feeling just with that text message he thinks he and I are fine. My sister told... Continue Reading →

It’s Possible and YOU are NOT Alone

We left our session and I can share relief. Although I have shared my story to close and loved ones to hear it from another person I feel relief. You know we enter this world recognizing these faces we grow... Continue Reading →

You Miss it BUT You Don’t Fix it

Although I did not like the way my parents were situating things our relationship was fine a week ago. It wasn't the way it was years ago but it was to the point I was able to feel comfortable to... Continue Reading →

Venting As I find a Way

My tata (grandpa) spoke to my father. He asked him why is it you think your daughter hates you. My dad responded," Well she ignores me and doesn't talk to me." My tata then said well then why don't you... Continue Reading →

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