Gift of Light

"Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile."

Answer one…Answer two…

It has been a year. One year since I left the pain to begin a clean slate. I am happy. I feel healed and I feel proud. I sit and think of those who have not spoken. Please tell someone...... Continue Reading →


Heart so forgiving

He sat in the hospital bed in isolation. Day 3 I still showed up and hung up the memories that haunt me and was there for family. "His heart is at 40% and his kidney just shut off." Its serious... Continue Reading →


I've been hurt mulitiple times by him. Mentally I have thrown flags with the pain he has given.  Just then I get notified he is in the hospital for heart failure... Before this pain I was the one who rushed... Continue Reading →


4 years... I have been without social media.. where I connected with family and friends. In those 4 years I lost my family and friends because of social media. They seem to have got trapped and live their life through... Continue Reading →


8 months and numb. I remember everything as if it was yesterday. I remember the pain as if it were yesterday. I feel numb.  No tears. No smiles. Just numb. I have a life ahead of me and it is... Continue Reading →

It has been a while

It has been a while since I wrote... It has been a while since my parents fought.... It has been a while since I felt so hurt from his words... A few months ago the fight that changed my life... Continue Reading →

Celebrate to not Celebrate 

Tomorrow is Father's Day.... My father is a narcissist...It has been 6 months since I left the house and mentally I feel better. I was invited to join my Grandpa, uncle and dad for Father's Day. I feel awkward to... Continue Reading →

Where to?

I feel it has been a while since I have written... new school, work, deadlines, more hours sometimes I debate what would be better more hours in a day or more days of the week. Well anyways..this quote.. something happened... Continue Reading →

Post Traumatic Growth

I can share I suffered from a trauma that hurt me emotionally. It lead me to break and mourn and almost led me to give up. I was already at the point in life where I put all my hard... Continue Reading →

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