Gift of Light

"Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile."

Breathing and healing

In through your nose...Out through your mouth. Do you hear your heart beat... 2 years...and counting of the process of healing. For other it may be shorter or even longer. Giving yourself the opportunity to breathe and heal in YOUR... Continue Reading →

Answer one…Answer two…

It has been a year. One year since I left the pain to begin a clean slate. I am happy. I feel healed and I feel proud. I sit and think of those who have not spoken. Please tell someone...... Continue Reading →

Heart so forgiving

He sat in the hospital bed in isolation. Day 3 I still showed up and hung up the memories that haunt me and was there for family. "His heart is at 40% and his kidney just shut off." Its serious... Continue Reading →


I've been hurt mulitiple times by him. Mentally I have thrown flags with the pain he has given.  Just then I get notified he is in the hospital for heart failure... Before this pain I was the one who rushed... Continue Reading →


4 years... I have been without social media.. where I connected with family and friends. In those 4 years I lost my family and friends because of social media. They seem to have got trapped and live their life through... Continue Reading →


8 months and numb. I remember everything as if it was yesterday. I remember the pain as if it were yesterday. I feel numb.  No tears. No smiles. Just numb. I have a life ahead of me and it is... Continue Reading →

It has been a while

It has been a while since I wrote... It has been a while since my parents fought.... It has been a while since I felt so hurt from his words... A few months ago the fight that changed my life... Continue Reading →

Celebrate to not Celebrate 

Tomorrow is Father's Day.... My father is a narcissist...It has been 6 months since I left the house and mentally I feel better. I was invited to join my Grandpa, uncle and dad for Father's Day. I feel awkward to... Continue Reading →

Where to?

I feel it has been a while since I have written... new school, work, deadlines, more hours sometimes I debate what would be better more hours in a day or more days of the week. Well anyways..this quote.. something happened... Continue Reading →

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