When you are little you see them as heroes. I used to see my parents as the King and Queen and anything they said they must have learned somewhere right? So they definitely can’t be doing or saying wrong.

Now the feeling I have…well besides lost I also feel stranded. I was brought into this world to succeed and achieve all dreams. As I talk to them they always seem to say something negative or want the worse for me. Who tells their daughter that they hope they fail? Who tells their daughter they hope their relationship doesn’t last? Who listens to their daughter and talks negative in a hurtful way about them after?

Well that answer for me is my parents. I begin to notice trust is a real thing. I begin to notice love can be used as just a word sometimes.

I don’t know if I should be hurt, angry or confused. I have accepted I may have come to a dead end. Although I have tried to bring this family close and lose the talking it’s out of my hands.

Life is to short to let people try to take you down..as my good friend says.

This is the reason why I keep a smile on my face as it is my barrier to let these feelings get in my way.